Disappearing Face




Okay, so I was a little bored sitting in the car while my husband went into Walgreen’s for some little thing, and I decided to try a selfie to see if I could elicit an expression that might be considered a keeper.

This person is not me. I’m not sullen, and I do have a well-defined nose. If you’ve ever tried taking a selfie while sitting in a dark car at half-past Noon on a very sunny day, this is pretty much what you get. The good news? My 65 year old face has nary a wrinkle! Looks like the entire canvas has been wiped clean. I rather like it. Talk about unmemorizing yourself! At least I can tell that my hair is growing out okay. It feels long to me, but I can see by the picture it’s just approaching medium.

WordPress Daily Word Prompt:elicit.